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The Filmmakers


John Beder

John was discovered by the producers of Palliative while working on his debut documentary Composed. An EMMY® nominated and award-winning filmmaker John seeks to create lasting change with his films.


Katie DeRoche


With no formal training Katie has quickly become a highly sought after editor and animator. Specializing in documentaries and educational content Katie works from the heart to create stories that connect us.

Don Stader


Don Stader, MD, FACEP is an emergency physician, entrepreneur and filmmaker. He is the cofounder of Triage Films LLC and was the creative force behind the Emmy winning documentary 24|7|365: The Evolution of Emergency Medicine.

Mark Brady


Dr. Brady is an Emergency Medicine physician and educator in Memphis, TN. He has written for the Discovery Health Channel, deployed with the Marines, and has worked, taught and done research on five continents.

Rachel Donihoo


The Executive Producers

Gar LaSalle

Gar LaSalle is an award-winning author and filmmaker, a physician, a sculptor, and a creator who has been honored widely in the fine arts and medical communities for his leadership and creativity.

Dominic Bagnoli

A veteran of business, medicine, and film, Dominic’s professional and personal interests are as diverse as they are successful. A serial entrepreneur, he currently serves as executive chairman of US Acute Care Solutions which has  become one of the fastest growing, largest , physician owned emergency medicine organizations in the U.S.

SJ Murray is an EMMY®-nominated filmmaker and award-winning writer, producer, director, & educator. She studied screenwriting at UCLA and is a tenured member of the faculty at Baylor University

SJ Murray



Associate Producers

Eric Tremonti

Dave Thomas

John Beder


Impact Producer

Courtney Smith

Cinematography By

John Beder

Stephen Smith


Camera Operators

Eric Tremonti

Mark Brady

Katie DeRoche


Location Sound

Katie DeRoche

Mark Brady


Sound By

Bobb Barito


Music By 

James Newberry


Score Mixer

Phil McGowan


Additional Music

Mihwa Yun



Lucas Argomedo


Additional Footage



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Special Thanks

Jason Barczy

Elise Bennett

Nancy Boutin

Dan Griffiths

Meredith Lewis

Andi Stader

Beth Voyles


Angela Hospice

Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Wayne State University


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The American College of Emergency Physicians

The Gold Humanism Society

The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association

Jonathan S. Bush

Dr. Dominic Bagnoli

Dr. Gar LaSalle

Dr. Mark Brady

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